Empowerment Talks

Our goals

Empowerment. We want to create spaces where women can come together around their own concerns. They will be small communities where they can share knowledge, concerns, interests… Synergies will be created between them that will support and encourage them; real women’s networks, spaces of freedom for them.

Talk and Coffee. Every month, we hold meetings around a cup of coffee, in which we discuss topics of interest to our associates. In each of these meetings we give a talk or give the opportunity to one of our women associates to give it.

If you wish you can register in the attached form:

Empowerment Talks

Where do you live? We need to know if you will be able to attend the classes in Janzour(Tripoli) or if we will have to send you the materials.
So we can add to our Whatsapp group and get you informed of the last news!