Mentoring registration form

We need people who are prepared to help us teach the classes to the associates.

As a volunteer you must be able to develop a class in person or remotely through webinars.

That is why we ask for your experience as a businesswoman, or as a professional in a career.

Our NGO Libyan Women and the Hispanic-Libyan Chamber of Commerce will issue your corresponding accreditation for the courses carried out in an altruistic way to train women.

You must have:

  • Completed university training/ experience developing your own business.
  • Wanting to help women for their training.
  • Completion of a training program.
  • Direction of the training course.
  • Management of projects derived from training.
  • You will receive the corresponding recognition from this NGO and the Libyan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for your work.
Which one in case you have one.
In case you did
You also have to send us your CV to
Tell us which days you can work with us! And if you cannot presencial, we'll always have the online courses!
Choose the ones you feel more comfortable. The presencial classes will take place in Tripoli or Janzour.