Psychological First Aid

Our goals

When women become aware of their own worth, their quality of life and emotional well-being increases. Only then can they have an impact on their environment that leads to building more equal and just societies.
We contribute to the development of women’s hard and soft skills as a tool for personal growth and projection into society.
We rely on training that promotes these skills, but also on testimonials of women whose experience is a learning experience from which we can all benefit.

Nine years of civil war have had a devastating effect on many women and their children, who now find themselves without the minimum guarantees of personal security and livelihood.
Our aim is to meet their basic needs for shelter, food and security, to give them psychological support and to prepare them to face their future with hope.

  • Classes will take place through our study platform, we will send you the link to your mobile phone and email.

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Where do you live? We need to know if you will be able to attend the classes in Janzour(Tripoli) or if we will have to send you the materials.
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